Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Writing Resources: Top 10 Writing Tools

Courtesy of Friedbeef's Tech

Here is a set of 10 tools that can be useful to any writer.

1. Improve Readability with MS-Word

The Flesch-Kincaid tests are readability tests designed to indicate how difficult a reading passage is to understand. Using simple calculations, it is able to break down text to gauge the level of education needed to grasp the writing, and how hard it is to comprehend overall.

What most people don't know is MS-Word actually comes with this test built in, so you can rate any document you produce in a few easy steps.

readability stats

2. Cut Down Cliches with Cliche Finder

Improve your writing by letting it come more from the heart rather than phrases which have been overused to the point of losing its intended force. Cliche finder helps identify common cliches in your writing so you can consider rewording them. It also comes with a handy bookmarklet so you can find them on any web page.

Paste in text, click on "find Cliches" and see clich├ęs highlighted in embarrassing red.

For the full list, go to Top 10 Writing Tools on the Writing Tips page of Moore Partners

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