Sunday, May 16, 2010

People Learning Together

I've been called on lately to lead several workshops and I'm always struck by how much fun it is when people learn together.

And it is always a collaborative effort among all the participants in a workshop.

I usually ask my audience, "What are your hopes for the day?" Typically their first thought is (since they have to spend the whole day with me) that I'm not a real dud. I feel the same way. As I start my opening re-marks, I'm very aware that I will have to spend the day with this group and I hope they aren't a bunch of duds.

They never are.

Happily, nearly everyone, if given half a chance, wants to learn something useful in a positive atmosphere. That's the joy of giving workshops.

We must admit that we have somewhat neglected the workshop segment of our services over the last year, so we would like to concentrate on creating and giving useful and enjoyable workshops.

To that end, I sat down, took the best from my teaching experience at Queen's, Loyalist, Laurentian, St. Lawrence, and U of T, and created eight workshops listed here and also on the Workshops section of our website.

If you or your organization are interested in these topics-or would like a workshop created specifically for you...go to Moore Partners Workshops

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