Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Presentation Tip: Storyboard Your Titles

From Wilder’s Presentations

You have decided on your talk's objective. Now you have to create the headlines that go with it.

The easiest way is to write the titles to each section or each slide before you put in the details. You now have the top-level overview. Put in only the information that fits with these titles and key points.

For example, here are six title slides from a 20-minute web presentation for the National Investor Relations Institute.

Presentation title: Preparing and Delivering Tips
Subtitle: Convincing and Charismatic Investor Presentations

Slide titles:
  • Script/Slide Ideas to Save Time
  • Bring Out Your Passion
  • Prepare Your Group for Questions
  • Stop Talking When You Are Ahead
  • Breeze Through Tough Questions
  • The TANGO of Investor Relations: Follow and lead in the "dance"

When you storyboard your titles before making the slides, it will be easier to decide which charts to include and which to leave out. Spend the time up front so you save time in actual slide creation.

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